Schisandra Seeds

Schisandra  (Schisandra chinensis) Perennial vine. Schisandra is something we are very excited about offering! The berries of this vine are used medicinally to nourish the immune system and bring overall balance to the body and spirit. Schisandra is native to north-eastern China, where it is called wu-wei-zi, meaning “five flavoured berry”. As the saliva in your mouth breaks down the berry, you get to taste all the five flavours; sour, sweet, pungent, salty and bitter.

Each seed packet contains approximately 5 whole berries for planting.

Growing Schisandra: Starting schisandra requires a little extra care & oscillating temperatures. Seeds must be soaked for 24 hours and then cold treated for at least 2 weeks. For this, moist peat moss in a sealed bag placed in the refrigerator works well. After time spent in the fridge, plant out in Spring. Seeds can also be planted outside in Autumn (after 24 hours soaking!) and will germinate in the spring. When well established, Schisandra vines require moist soil and dappled shade.      



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